My walk into Web Development

Probably it all began in high school. At least that is where the roots were implanted. Heading to the computer science lab was like an event that we, in school, eagerly looked forward to. Firstly because it was a long walk away from our classrooms, but mostly because there was this strange joy in trying to ‘write a program’. As I look back, I realize that a significant part of my school life was spent learning computer science fundamentals and programming, and hours of trial and error sessions in front of my bulky white monitor. And there is a reason why I am saying this.

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Senor, Senorita, Sangria & Seville

With all my endeavours in photography this year, writing has definitely taken a back seat. It is the one thing though that I keep yearning to come back to, but then, life! So Seville happened in January, which I believe is one of the best times to visit this magnificent city, due to Continue reading

A Guide to Amsterdam: Beyond Tulips, Red Light District, and all that jazz!

Talk canals, tulips, windmills, museums, bike rides, weed, coffee shops, red light district; and you know you’re in Amsterdam. But there is a little more to do in this pretty and tolerant Dutch capital. While most visitors almost do not make it through to their Day 2 in the city, quite overwhelmed Continue reading

Helsinki & Tallinn: A Baltic Romance

For the first time ever, missing a flight seemed that close! We were just seconds away from the closing gates. Blame it on the crazy European summers that Amsterdam gets jampacked with travelers pouring in from every corner of the earth, who end up creating claustrophobic bottle-necks at the security check of Schiphol. But on the hindsight, are we not part of the same crowd as well?

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